OMG… Plug-ins for Windows Live Writer!

by Shijaz Abdulla on 03.08.2008 at 14:36

You should know that all my blog entries here are written using Windows Live Writer (even though I host it on Blogger). Not only is it easy for me to type up the entries in a word-processor-like interface, it is also easier to work with pictures and screenshots in WLW – way easier than Blogger’s web interface.

While I was writing the previous blog entry, my mouse pointer wandered to the "Add a Plug-in" link on the right, in a moment of mental abstraction Winking. I was amazed to see that there are dozens of free plug-ins for available use with Windows Live Writer!

Among my favorites are the "Insert Smiley" and "Insert Polaroid picture" plug-ins.


Here’s an example of what the Polaroid Picture plug-in can do.

I love it!

Windows Live Writer

by Shijaz Abdulla on 01.03.2008 at 16:43

This is really cool.

Windows Live writer is a free tool from Microsoft that lets you post entries to your blog without having to log in to your blog provider website. It works more like Microsoft Word, with spell check as you type, easy formatting, and very easy insertion of pictures and tables. You can also put these cool drop shadows on your images! image

If you’re a blogger, give it a shot. It is also available with the latest version of Windows Live Messenger. Works with Google Blogger too!