Getting a list of scheduled tasks on all servers

by Shijaz Abdulla on 17.02.2008 at 11:26

There is a great script on Windows IT Pro that helps you get a list of all workstations/servers/domain controllers in a domain and then list the Scheduled Tasks that have been configured on these machines.

The script, written by Bill Stewart, can be downloaded from the Windows IT Pro website.

Essentially, this is how it can be put to use:

  1. To get a list of DC’s and dump it to a text file, type cscript enumcomputers.js /dc > dclist.txt
  2. Next, feed this list of DC’s to enumtasks.cmd and ask it to dump a list of scheduled tasks for each DC to another text file: enumtasks dclist.txt >dctasklist.txt
  3. Open dctasklist.txt in Notepad, any word processor or even Microsoft Excel.