Windows 10: Things You Need to Know

by Shijaz Abdulla on 08.10.2014 at 14:45

The next version of Windows was announced last week: Windows 10.


  • Windows 10 Technical Preview is available for download.
  • What is Technical Preview?

    Tech Preview is the first pre-release build of Windows 10 – and the first instance of our new approach to software development and delivery. This first Tech Preview release focuses on businesses and the desktop. A mobile-focused version will release in early 2015.

    Tech Preview is designed for PC experts and IT professionals who are comfortable downloading unfinished software, preferably on a secondary PC. The ultimate goal of Tech Preview is for IT pros to test the bits in their native environment and provide feedback via the Windows Feedback App and Windows Insider Program.


  • The Start Menu is back! But now with Live Tiles integrated.
  • Search is available both on Start Menu and Start screen
  • Store Apps can open in re-sizable (classic) windows with title bars.
  • Task View button on taskbar helps you easily switch between your running apps
  • Snapping windows is now more easier and intuitive
  • You can save “desktops” which is a grouping of your screen layout with the windows you have opened and quickly switch between those “desktops”.

Download the Windows 10 Tech Preview today!

How to install Windows 8 on Acer Iconia tab W500

by Shijaz Abdulla on 20.09.2011 at 23:05

Credit goes to fellow techie Ahmed Ali Ibrahim of Qatar for his inputs.

Here’s how we installed Windows 8 Developer Preview on an Acer Iconia tab W500.

  1. Extract the 32-bit Windows 8 Developer Preview ISO and copy the files to a USB thumb drive.
  2. Shutdown the tablet.
  3. Connect a USB keyboard to the tablet.
  4. Press and hold down the Windows button and the Power button, when the machine starts, press F2. This will display the BIOS setup.
  5. Change the boot order to boot from the USB HDD. WP_000069
  6. Save changes and exit BIOS setup, plug in the USB thumb drive, and restart the computer. You can disconnect the keyboard at this point.
  7. The computer boots into Windows 8 setup from the USB drive. DSC_0545DSC_0547DSC_0549
  8. Windows 8 automatically installs all the drivers, except for the Bluetooth and the G-Sensor. You can download these drivers from the Acer website. You also need to download the “Device Control” application from the Acer website (it is listed under applications). The screen rotation will not work both the G-Sensor driver and the Device Control application are not installed.DSC_0550

If you had installed the 64-bit version of Windows 8 Developer Preview, the G-sensor will not work as the driver on the Acer website is only for 32-bit versions of Windows.


Windows 8 Developer Preview now available

by Shijaz Abdulla on 14.09.2011 at 13:40

Visit to view Steve Sinofsky’s keynote at Anaheim, California and to download the Developer Preview.


From the official Windows 8 blog:

Windows 8 represents a reimagining of Windows from the chipset to the experience. Since this is a week focused on developers, we also detailed the bold underpinnings of the re-imagination of the Windows platform, tools, and APIs. We will show off the opportunity to build applications for all of the customers of Windows 8, no matter what type of PC they have—from tablets to laptops to convertibles to desktops. We will show the brand new tools that allow you to code Metro style applications in HTML5/JavaScript, C/C++, and/or C#/XAML. The investments you have made as developers in all of these languages carry forward for Windows 8, which lets you choose how to best make use of the Windows 8 system services. We talked about Windows 8 being a no-compromise OS for end-users, and it is also a no-compromise platform for developers.

Many are interested in Windows 8 for ARM processors. Everything we showcased today at BUILD also runs on the ARM-based Windows PCs being created by ARM partners and PC manufacturers. Windows 8 running on ARM will ultimately be available with ARM-based hardware that you can purchase. ARM requires a deeper level of integrated engineering between hardware and software, as each ARM device is unique, and Windows allows this uniqueness to shine through. The new development tools enable you to start today to build Metro style applications that will seamlessly run on x86 (32 and 64 bit) or ARM architectures. Even if you use native C/C++ code, these tools will enable Metro style apps to target specific hardware if you choose. As new PCs become available for testing, PC manufacturers will develop seed programs for developers.

I’ll be posting screenshots soon Smile

Windows 8 boots in 8 seconds

by Shijaz Abdulla on 09.09.2011 at 22:45

Microsoft today demonstrated Windows 8 booting up in a mind-boggling 8 seconds!

The extremely fast boot up time is a great indication of overall system performance with the upcoming version of Windows, the most widely used operating system on the planet. The key difference here between Windows 7 and Windows 8 is that the kernel session is now placed into hibernate mode instead of being closed down, even if the user shuts down the computer.

Enjoy this video!

VIDEO: Windows 8 Partner Preview, Taiwan

by Shijaz Abdulla on 03.06.2011 at 15:04

VIDEO: What’s coming in Windows 8?

by Shijaz Abdulla on 02.06.2011 at 12:18