Microsoft Premier Services

by Manoj Chandrasenan on 09.05.2011 at 20:55

My first post, thanks Shijaz for helping me out with setting this up. Thought where else to start than to write about the team wherein I work in Microsoft, that is the Microsoft Premier Services.

Microsoft Premier Services is a highly customizable support offering from Microsoft, encompassing a comprehensive selection of support resources to choose from, including proactive prevention resources, infrastructure support, workshops, problem resolutions, IO capability and IT process maturity assessment and roadmap.

With Premier Support, you gain a dedicated resource who is your eyes, ears and voice within Microsoft; the Technical Account Manager (TAM). Working with you, your TAM will:

  • Develop an understanding of your Business and Technology requirements and design a unique service delivery plan.
  • Proactively facilitate support services and resources to help mitigate issues in  your unique Business applications and IT Infrastructure.
  • Engage appropriate knowledge transfers and workshops by Microsoft resources to increase the skills of your IT staff on the current and upcoming technologies to help them better manage and monitor in your IT infrastructure.
  • Assess your IO maturity and help move move up the IT capability ladder.
  • Assess the IT process maturity of your organization and plan to improve your processes around ITIL and MOF.

Predominantly the focus of Microsoft Premier Services is to identify and address potential problems before they occur, thus reducing the risk of downtime and interruption to your business.  This in turn benefits you with increased system availability and uptime that keeps you end users productive and make IT a strategic asset to your business than a cost center or liability.

The result? Lower risk to your IT infrastructure, higher productivity and maximum benefits from your existing IT investments and better alignment of IT to business capabilities.