Busted: Anti-piracy raids on Qatar resellers

by Shijaz Abdulla on 27.12.2010 at 16:44

Anti-piracy authorities in Doha, Qatar recently collaborated with the Qatar Ministry of Justice and Microsoft Gulf, a member of the Business Software Alliance (BSA), the world’s foremost advocate for the software industry, to conduct raids on three Doha-based IT resellers. The raids resulted in the confiscation of CDs and PCs loaded with suspected counterfeit Microsoft software, including Windows and Office.

“The Ministry of Justice is keen on ensuring that the steady economic growth being witnessed in Qatar at present is not compromised by acts of piracy that adversely affect the country’s IT sector. The anti-piracy raids being conducted in Qatar send a strong message that intellectual property rights violation of any kind will not be tolerated in the country. The Ministry of Justice will continue to extend all possible support to the concerned authorities to curb software piracy in Qatar,” said Abdullah Ahmad Qayed, Director of Intellectual Property Center, Qatar’s Ministry of Justice.

“Over the years, we have been receiving strong support from the Qatar Ministry of Justice and concerned anti-piracy authorities, which has been instrumental in the sustained success of our anti-piracy initiatives in Qatar. The latest raid on three resellers in Doha will go a long way in sending a clear message to counterfeiters and IT resellers that any form of piracy will be firmly dealt with,” said Jawad Al Redha, BSA Chair in the Gulf region.

Computer reseller opts for out-of-court settlement with Microsoft

by Shijaz Abdulla on 25.03.2010 at 19:19

Source: ITP.net


Dubai-based reseller Storm Computers has pledged to sell only genuine Microsoft licences in future after settling allegations that it pirated the software vendor’s products out of court.

Microsoft raided Storm’s premises a few months back and said in a statement that it was "purportedly" found to be selling PCs loaded with pirated versions of its software.

Pirated CDs were also seized during the operation and two Storm employees were arrested, according to the vendor.

Under the terms of a civil settlement between the pair, Storm will only sell and distribute genuine Microsoft software to its customers in future. Both parties also agreed to an undisclosed amount of damages.

Mustafa Ali Khan, manager of Storm Computers, said: "We are highly appreciative of Microsoft’s approach to our case. After talks with the company, we have come to fully understand the value of genuine software and the risks associated with distributing pirated software, both to ourselves and to our valued customers."

Microsoft claims it is making ground in its bid to reduce channel piracy, pointing to recent settlements it has made as evidence that resellers are turning their back on the illegal software trade.

"We expect 2010 to carry over this trend and usher in greater cooperation from resellers," said Jawad Al Redha, IPR manager at Microsoft Gulf. "Although local authorities have gained ground in reducing the incidences of piracy across the Emirates via a combination of awareness campaigns and enforcement activities, they still need more help from the software sector and the public to combat copyright violations."