Microsoft’s fitness band and Microsoft Health

by Shijaz Abdulla on 31.10.2014 at 15:42

By now, you have already heard about Microsoft Band.

Microsoft Health is a new service that helps you live healthier by providing actionable insights based on data gathered from the fitness devices and apps that you use every day. It’s designed to work for you, no matter what phone you have, device you wear, or services you use. Microsoft Health makes tracking personal fitness easier, more insightful, and more holistic.

Microsoft Band, the first device powered by Microsoft Health, helps you achieve your wellness goals by tracking your heart rate, steps, calorie burn, and sleep quality. It also helps you be more productive with email previews and calendar alerts – right on your wrist.

Microsoft Band, priced at $199 sold out in about a day after it was announced and is now no longer available for ordering online.