Cisco Inflicts DoS upon itself, Google follows suit

by Shijaz Abdulla on 11.08.2007 at 03:02

» This is the Power of the Network. Now?!?
In a bizarre incident, Cisco inflicted a Denial-Of-Service (DoS) upon itself earlier this week, which resulted in the company’s entire website,, to go down for several hours!

Apparently a “human error” during a preventive maintenance caused an electrical overload in that caused and other applications to go down. Due to severe impact of the overload, redundant mechanisms were also impacted, as per the Cisco blog.

A lesson for the rest of us: Even though redundant systems were in place, the entire site did go down!

Redundancy = Fault tolerance? Think again.

» Google shoots itself in the foot
In another turn of events, Google identified one of its own blogs as spam by mistake and deleted it! And here’s the best part — somebody named Srikanth then registered the freed blog URL for himself and put his own comments there!

Wow, that must be one heck of a spam filtering technology they’ve developed! – if it can’t tell the difference between one of its own blogs and ordinary spam.

Friendly fire?