Windows 8 Consumer Preview vs. the iPad 2: An independent comparison

by Shijaz Abdulla on 04.03.2012 at 14:54

Just came across this video on, comparing tablets running Windows 8 Consumer Preview (beta)  against the iPad 2 running iOS 5, from a features perspective.

I’ll let you watch and decide!

Windows 8 Consumer Preview – February 29th

by Shijaz Abdulla on 12.02.2012 at 08:45

The Windows 8 “Consumer Preview” will be available on February 29th, during a special event in Barcelona. The Consumer Preview is more like a Beta.

That’s all I can blog about Windows 8 for the moment. More coming soon.

To stay up to date with Windows 8, follow the Building Windows 8 and Windows Store blogs, and Windows Dev Center remains an important resource for developers. Also continue watching this blog!

Meanwhile, Steve Sinofsky has written a massive blog post on Building Windows 8 for the ARM architecture.