[CRITICAL] ClearDB database size is near quota limit

by Shijaz Abdulla on 30.03.2013 at 00:10

My WordPress site is hosted on Windows Azure and uses a MySQL database that was set up automatically on ClearDB.

For the past couple of days I have been getting warning emails from ClearDB, the provider of MySQL databases for Windows Azure customers that my database quota is almost full.

Database: mydatabasename
Tier/Plan: Mercury
Tier size quota: 20 MB
Current database storage allocated: 98.28% (1.72% remaining)

Please note that the use of temporary tables as well as index sizes are included in our storage size calculations.

We suggest that you consider upgrading your database to the next service plan to ensure that it does not exceed our storage quota policy. Databases that exceed our service plan storage quotas are automatically locked to ensure the highest quality of service for all of our valued customers, and we don’t want you to experience an interruption of service.

If you’re getting these messages and you’re using the database to run a WordPress site, make sure you compact your database before going to pay for the next higher tier/plan on ClearDB. Chances are that you might not have to upgrade after all!

I simply used an Optimize Database wordpress plugin and it reduced the database size by 50% by removing revisions, trashed items, spammed items etc. Now I can continue using the free ClearDB database without incurring any additional costs.