Two new compute-intensive instances on Windows Azure

by Shijaz Abdulla on 01.02.2014 at 14:49

Two new compute-intensive virtual machine instances have been added on Windows Azure over the weekend.

Cloud Services A8 8 virtual cores,
56 GB memory
$ 2.45 per hour
Cloud Services A9 16 virtual cores,
112GB memory
$ 4.90 per hour

A8 and A9 belong to a new category of instances called compute-intensive instances that provide faster processors and more virtual cores for higher compute power, larger amounts of memory, and a 40 Gbit/s InfiniBand network that includes remote direct memory access (RDMA) technology for maximum efficiency of parallel Message Passing Interface (MPI) applications.

Compute-intensive instances are optimal for running compute and network-intensive applications such as high-performance cluster applications, applications using modeling, simulation and analysis, and video encoding. Please consider using the new A8 and A9 instances for running your compute and network-intensive applications.

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