Increasing storage on your Surface RT with a microSD card

by Shijaz Abdulla on 15.12.2012 at 21:44

If you got yourself a 32GB Surface RT device, then by now you would have realized that you have under 20GB of space left after the Office 2013 and Windows updates got installed.

Fortunately the Surface RT device comes with a microSD slot (located underneath the kickstand), and you can easily insert a 32GB or 64GB SDHC/SDXC microSD card into it to increase the storage space.

However, the added storage appears as a separate drive on the device. Not very useful if you use Libraries (and you probably would). Also, you cannot add a removable device as a Library location for Documents, Pictures and Videos.

The solution is as follows:

  1. Insert the microSD card into the slot underneath the kickstand on your Surface RT device.

    32 GB SanDisk microSD WP_000198

  2. Create a folder ‘microSD’ on your C: drive.
  3. Open Disk Management (search for it under Settings and you will find “Create and format hard disk partitions”)


  4. You will find the removable disk in the console. Right click the microSD card and choose ‘Change Drive Letter and Paths’ option. Choose Add and enter C:\microSD and click OK.


  5. Now the C:\microSD folder is mapped to your microSD storage. You can now add the microSD card as a storage location on your Documents, Pictures and Videos libraries.
  6. For example, to add it as a location on your Documents library, open Computer > Libraries > Documents. Right click on the Documents library and choose Properties. Choose Add and then add the C:\microSD folder as a location. You can also create subfolders in the microSD folder and use separate subfolders for Documents, Pictures, and Videos.


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