Installing Windows 8 on the Lenovo X220 Tablet

by Shijaz Abdulla on 01.06.2012 at 22:33

Got Windows 8 Consumer Preview (64-bit) installed on my Lenovo X220 Tablet.


Some pointers for those who are seeking to accomplish a similar feat:

  • Install all latest drivers from the Lenovo website even if Windows 8 detected the devices. (Windows 7 drivers are OK) Some of the drivers posted on the Lenovo site are as recent as May 2012. Things like display rotation, Bluetooth, SD Card reader, etc. do not work after the Windows 8 installation till you download and install the drivers.
  • The fingerprint reader doesn’t work (yet).
  • You need to install the Lenovo button driver to make the hardware buttons on the screen work (the screen rotation button, power button and CTRL+ALT+DEL button). There is also a 32 bit version available.
  • Both the Lenovo Screen Reading Optimizer and the ThinkVantage Active Protection System need to be installed for screen rotation to work. The screen rotation options will remain disabled till the Active Protection System is installed. The Active Protection System is supposedly an “airbag” for your hard drive.
  • Although the compatibility check in Windows 8 setup suggests that the touch screen is not designed for Windows 8, it is my personal experience that the touch capabilities work pretty well.
  • Don’t forget to install the ThinkVantage Power Manager application to get deeper insight on your battery power. I’ve seen that in battery saver mode, I can get around 7 hours of battery life.
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