Windows Server 8 beta available for download

by Shijaz Abdulla on 01.03.2012 at 18:50

The excitement around the awe-inspiring Windows 8 Consumer Preview shouldn’t overshadow the announcement of the Windows Server “8” beta, which is super-exciting in its own ways.

Windows Server 8 is most likely the most significant Windows Server release ever. Windows Server 8 is built with the Private Cloud in mind. Download the beta today!

What’s new in Windows Server 8?

Find out what’s new in Active Directory Certificate Services, Active Directory Domain Services, Failover clustering, RMS, FSRM, RDS, Hyper-V, and Security by checking out TechNet.

IDC has already predicted that 2012 is VMware’s last year as King of Hill! Here, I will list some the coolest new features in Windows Server 8 Hyper-V

  • Install Client Hyper-V – Install Hyper-V on client machines running desktop OS
  • Dynamic Memory – Smart paging allows better utilization of memory
  • New Hyper-V module in PowerShell
  • Hyper-V replica – replicate VMs between storage systems, datacenters and clusters for business continuity and DR.
  • Live Migration can now be done even on non-clustered environments. You can literally live migrate over ethernet! What’s more – multiple simultaneous live migrations are supported!
  • Support for up to 256 logical processors and 2 TB of memory on Hyper-V host
  • Support for up to 32 virtual processors and 1 TB of memory per VM.
  • SR-IOV – maximizes network throughput while minimizing latency
  • Storage Migration – Yes! Move virtual hard disks used by a VM to a different physical storage – while the VM is running!
  • Store Hyper-V virtual hard disk files on SMB v2 file shares!
  • Virtual Fibre Channel – connect to the fibre channel storage directly from the guest OS
  • New VHDX format – new virtual hard disk format supports up to 64 TB of storage with better reliability!
  • Virtual NUMA support for guest OS
  • Virtual Switch – open framework for third parties to extend functionality of the virtual switch (example Cisco Nexus 1000V)
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