Only 1 in 5 datacenters operating efficiently: IBM Research

by Shijaz Abdulla on 17.03.2012 at 20:48

Only one out of every 5 datacenters in the world are operating efficiently, as per new research from IBM.

Out of 300 data centers surveyed in the IBM study, conducted by IDC, only 1 in 5 are operating efficiently.

Furthermore, nearly 80 percent of the 300 CIOs and IT leaders were found to be behind in making the most of their IT investments.

The study found that only 21 percent of companies surveyed are operating data centers at the highest level of efficiency. These optimized companies are able to spend 50 percent more of their IT budget on new projects and innovation to make their organizations more successful.

The vast majority – some 62 percent are somewhat efficient. And another 17 percent are operating at a basic level.


IBM took a look at the top performing data centers and identified the key characteristics that enabled those companies to be more efficient than others. Here are four tips to a smarter data center:

  1. Have a plan that aligns with business goals and keep it current.
  2. Optimize your current server, storage, network and facilities assets to maximize capacity and availability.
  3. Design for flexibility to support changing business needs.
  4. Use automation tools to improve service levels and availability. Less manual manipulation means faster response times.

Shijaz’s take:

My take on this? This represents a HUGE opportunity for organizations to re-evaluate their own datacenters and reflect on their IT spending. What percentage of your IT budget are you using for new projects, and how much of it goes into operating and managing existing infrastructure?

And how can Microsoft help? Look closely above at the 4 characteristics of highly efficient datacenters.

  1. Planning: Microsoft’s Private Cloud offering includes components like Operations Manager and Service Manager that help you make better informed decisions based on real statistical data from your own datacenter compared to SLAs that are defined with the business.
  2. Optimize your infrastructure to maximize capacity and availability. Microsoft’s Private Cloud solution helps you achieve that. You are able to capture your available assets into a “shared pool” of resources, that can be dynamically provisioned when your business application needs it. In other words, dynamic optimization, better utilization, more efficiency.
  3. Flexibility: Microsoft’s Private Cloud offering helps you achieve that degree of agility and flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of the business. Business application owners can request the infrastructure services to power their application, and be totally abstracted from the complexity of underlying hardware. What’s more, the datacenter now is able to allocate more resources for the application when needed, delivering utmost flexibility.
  4. Automation: Microsoft’s Private Cloud offering includes components like Service Manager, Virtual Machine Manager and Orchestrator (Opalis) that work together to provide you a highly automated datacenter based on workflows and run-books that you define, triggered automatically as conditions change in your environment.

To know more about how Microsoft’s Private Cloud offering can help you achieve highly efficient datacenters, contact me.



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