How to install Windows 8 on Acer Iconia tab W500

by Shijaz Abdulla on 20.09.2011 at 23:05

Credit goes to fellow techie Ahmed Ali Ibrahim of Qatar for his inputs.

Here’s how we installed Windows 8 Developer Preview on an Acer Iconia tab W500.

  1. Extract the 32-bit Windows 8 Developer Preview ISO and copy the files to a USB thumb drive.
  2. Shutdown the tablet.
  3. Connect a USB keyboard to the tablet.
  4. Press and hold down the Windows button and the Power button, when the machine starts, press F2. This will display the BIOS setup.
  5. Change the boot order to boot from the USB HDD. WP_000069
  6. Save changes and exit BIOS setup, plug in the USB thumb drive, and restart the computer. You can disconnect the keyboard at this point.
  7. The computer boots into Windows 8 setup from the USB drive. DSC_0545DSC_0547DSC_0549
  8. Windows 8 automatically installs all the drivers, except for the Bluetooth and the G-Sensor. You can download these drivers from the Acer website. You also need to download the “Device Control” application from the Acer website (it is listed under applications). The screen rotation will not work both the G-Sensor driver and the Device Control application are not installed.DSC_0550

If you had installed the 64-bit version of Windows 8 Developer Preview, the G-sensor will not work as the driver on the Acer website is only for 32-bit versions of Windows.


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125 Responses to How to install Windows 8 on Acer Iconia tab W500

  1. Rem Saparco says:

    G Sensor and Bluetooth working on Iconia w500 running Windows 8

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  3. Erik Hansen says:

    Anyone got the internal 3G card working on the W501?

  4. melchi says:

    hi help me no rotation screen is normal

  5. Pham Thai says:

    After step 6, my Iconia W500 do not receive USB driver. It still runs to Win7.
    (I already downloaded 32-bit Win8 and copy to USB flash via by Microsoft’s Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool).

  6. Pham Thai says:

    plz help to sovle this problem!

  7. Pham Thai says:

    Everything is OK, I changed F12 to boot menu: enable in BIOS
    Then after restart, press F12 and choose USB drive to boot…

  8. Scott says:

    Hey, I am receiving a message that a driver has not been found when trying to install Win8 on my Acer… I am thinking it is the disk controller driver, but can’t find anything for that on Acer’s site. I even grabbed the card reader driver, just to be safe, but no go with that either.

    Any ideas?

    • Henry says:

      How were you trying to install Win 8? Try a different USB port. Were you using USB thumb drive or optical drive? I got that same error when I tried to install using USB thumb drive plugged into the right USB port on the docking station. I then undocked the tablet and plugged the USB thumb drive to the center USB port on the tablet and that worked without error. Later, I reinstalled Win 8 using an optical drive and I realized I needed the keyboard because you have to hit a key to get pass the CD-rom bootup message. So this time, I plugged the optical drive into the left USB port on the docking station and it worked perfectly.

    • nol says:

      I found the same issue when I was just installing Windows 8 — for the life of me I could not get it to install to the partition — the install would say it couldn’t find the partition.

      What finally solved the issue as far as I can tell was REMOVING my 32 GB SDHC card from the slot – from there the install went beautifully.


  9. Mark says:

    You can also just upgrade from Win7. Tried that and it worked perfectly.

    Thanks to your driver tips though, now I got screen rotation to work – wicked! 🙂

  10. TT says:

    Does the labyrinth game work?

  11. Leon says:

    Bluetooth not working

    already installed the drivers

    Device manager indicates a driver problem

  12. ifidon says:

    Thanks for the information much appreciated!

  13. Robert says:

    Successfully installed but having 2 issues:
    1. After installing Windows 8 I’m no more able to go into BIOS, no combination of keys gets me there
    2. The screen rotation is not working, although installed all the drivers and the device manager highlights no missing or incorrect components
    Any idea Shijaz?

    • Hi Robert,
      To (try and) answer your questions:
      1. I’ve noticed this. But I’ve seen that if you keep trying you eventually get into BIOS sooner or later.
      2. Not sure what might be the problem here. If all drivers are in place, make sure the screen rotation lock (hardware key) is not in the ‘locked’ position.

      • Jay says:

        I’m having an issue with the screen rotation. The only way it seems to work is if I open the device manager and immediately upon exiting the manager, rotate the tablet — fast. Any delay and it won’t rotate. This will work only sporadically, it seems. Sometimes it won’t rotate at all.

        I wonder if the rotation issue may be the order in which you install the applications/drivers or if “device manager” isn’t properly starting with Win8. I will check on the msconfig information for start up applications and see how that might be affecting it.

        It also may be another conflict with some of the Acer applications/drivers, but I am really at a loss as no devices seem to have errors associated with them.

        Can you please advise of what order installation you used? Also, where in the device manager does the G-Sensor show up? It doesn’t appear in my device manager to my knowledge unless it is named something unrecognizable.

        A few other Win8 on the Acer issues I am having are:

        1) The Piano: The sound after installing the audio drivers from Acer is horrific… dying cat sounds when using the piano. The overall sound quality may be better with movies and music, though.

        2) Right swipe of metro startup screen takes me to the “charm bar,” but locks in the “settings” menu with no options.

        3) Labyrinth game doesn’t work – which seems to be a common problem.

        Overall, I am in love with Windows 8 on the Acer W500. I haven’t tried it on a Non-Touch PC, but it seems like it has many apps that require a tablet environment.

  14. Othman says:

    Hi Shijaz,
    Thank you for your post, I was looking for something like this :

    Did you try to run office 2010 ? If yes, how is the is the performance experience ?

    Thank you in advance,

  15. In order to access the BIOS and Boot Device selection screen, you need to turn your Tablet OFF by holding the power button while in windows to fake a bad system crash.

    Once OFF, attach USB dock/Keyboard and press and hole the Start Button and then press and hold the Power Button. You’ll see a cursor. Press F2 to enter BIOS or Press F12 to enter boot device selection screen. Always works.

  16. James says:

    How much disk space does Windows 8 take up? I want to give it a try on my Iconia Tab, but I have a lot of ebooks and school notes stored that I would like to put back on after install.

  17. Penat says:

    windows 8 32bit would take around 10gb, since after fresh install i still have 20gb free space left.

  18. Delfo says:

    Hi, i have installed Windows 8 on an Acer Iconia w501 with the 3G module integrated, but i cannot reach to get this module works.
    Anyone has successfully used this module ??

  19. Hafiz says:

    I successfully installed Windows 8 on Iconia W500. After 2 days, then it refuses to detect USB keyboard, and also the SD Card reader. So I could not boot from USB/SD Card. Touch screen also seems not receiving touches. The only buttons working are the Power button, and Volume button (will change to login screen but not able to key in anything since touchscreen not functioning, and usb keyboard not detected). Anyone experiences this?

  20. Anwar says:

    Hi, i’ve installed windows 8 on my iconia W500, everythings just fine but when i’m trying connecting to the internet using external 3G modem there are error with no access internet (limited) actually the modem was connected but no access to internet. Any idea?

  21. Kot says:

    I have a problem with the instalation. When booting from USB pendrive Acer’s logo shows up for a second and cursor in the upper left corner appears. And nothing happens.
    When I try to install while running Win7 everything is fine but I can’t make clean install. Halp

  22. Craig says:

    I downloaded the 32-bit ISO of the Windows 8 Developer Preview onto a USB flash drive. I was thinking of using Daemon Tools Lite (which I’ve installed) to mount it as a virtual drive and install Windows 8 from the USB port on the keyboard. Do you think this will work? Thanks.

  23. Edward chee says:

    I put my Aconia w501 to sleep mode and start to charge it. After fully charged I took it to start the tablet but it would not start, neither cam it be shut off. I don’t know what to do. Any one can help? Chee

  24. CC says:

    I get an error looking for a product key. The problem is that it never prompts me for it, so i can’t enter one. It then takes me back to the install.

    • CC says:

      got it now. Had to re-burn the USB stick using the Windows tool. Then Windows 8 loaded fine. Got all the drivers from ACER and finding my way around. I like what is see so far.

  25. Niels Esmann says:

    Tried to upragde to win8 from usb flach friv, the macine i booting up ok and win 8 instalation is loading. But the installation does not find the ssd drive… hvae tried both USB ports…

  26. Hatym says:

    Thanks for this great tutorial.
    So, i’ve installed windows 8 on my iconia W500, and after a few use i decided to remove it and restore windows 7.
    But unfortunately i don’t success in re-installing Windows 7 with recovery acer DVDs.
    When booting from Dvd, Acer icon show up and then i get a black screen.
    By pressing the Windows key, volume-up key and power button simultaneously , i get a message telling to connect the DVD. it seems it does recognize the DVD. But i tryed the same scenario with others DVD for same result.
    I also connected an usb Keyboard and press and hole the Start Button and then press and hold the Power Button but i always get the black screen.

    Does someone have any idea, please Help, i’m lost

  27. Oneil says:

    HELP. i did all the step as follow, but when attempt to restart, it bypass and go to windows 7, i also followed the step from previous problems in some of the comments and it still does the same thing. some help please

  28. Fabio says:

    How can i istall win 8 without keyboard??
    i have iconia w 500 without it.
    I can’t press f 12 botton
    help me please
    thank’s from Italy

  29. Metaksan says:

    I like Windows 7. Generally, if one version of windows is good, then the next is not, vice versa.

    But this time, I am pretty sure that Windows 8 will be very good!

    Lets wait and see…

  30. Daniel says:

    I need this tablet for work(mostly basic pdf and text stuff) but want to try win8. How long can i use this devPref and do programms like Ati-Driver or normal win7 programms work?

  31. din says:

    my autorotation doesn’t work. Is there any setting or other driver required beside g sensor?

  32. jack says:

    the g sensor dont work? or wut version have to download from to make run my rotation

  33. satya says:


    how to backup the previous win7 other than from installing again from the cd(because I dont have cd)? does it run both win7 and win8 at the same time?


  34. Hoyt says:

    How to install Windows 8 on Acer Iconia tab W500 =

  35. Richard Hay says:

    @edwood92 Take a look at para 8 on this post – that will help you get the sensor working.

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  37. Donald says:

    Note: if you can live with manual rotation then do not install the g-sensor and App. Device control. Boot time is very fast without.

  38. hussainr says:

    thanks for the tips, does anyone has any updates about installing a 3G PCIe card ?

  39. nick says:

    did u ever figure out how to get in the bios?

  40. Thomas Scott says:

    RT @shijaz: How to install Windows 8 on Acer Iconia tab W500

  41. Tableta Acer a bajo precio y posibilidad de instalar Windows 8 ( RT @Jtorrecilla:

  42. +1 RT @j0rgeSerran0 Tableta Acer a bajo precio y posibilidad de instalar Windows 8 ( @Jtorrecilla:

  43. StephenYoung says:

    How to install Windows 8 on Acer Iconia tab W500

  44. lex says:

    Took me awhile to figure it out how to install Win8CP if you already have the Win8DP installed. Can’t get to the bios the same way and the only way to do it is to fake crush the windows, like someone point out earlier. Once you do that you get the USB to load and install Win8CP

  45. Dcer says:

    I have two questions:

    1. Can I revert to Win7 simply by not booting to the usb drive, but by booting to the HD as usual? Or do I have to uninstall W8?

    2. Does MS Office operate as always, or are the menues designed to take full advantage of the touch screen? Android software is optimized to work on tablets. MS Office as used with Win7 is difficult. Other software, designed for a desktop, is a struggle. Does Win8 makes this software any easier to use on the Acer W500 tablet?


  46. Thomas Scott says:

    RT @shijaz: How to install Windows 8 on Acer Iconia tab W500

  47. "How to install Windows 8 on Acer Iconia tab W500 microsoft NOW"

  48. S Ochs says:

    Is there any way to install to the SD flash card so the tablet can dual boot from either the hard drive or the SD flash drive? Wish I had a 64 GB drive in it right now.

  49. David Miró says:

    @skirep tens referències de la acer iconia w500? A amazon està per 330e

  50. Tim Schallberger says:

    Your instructions still work great for the consumer preview!
    Thanks for publishing them.

  51. Hungthpublic says:

    I install Windows 8 on Acer Iconia tab W501. 3G module on iconica tab w501 says no Sim card eventhough I put 3g Sim card in it. Anyone can help? Tks

  52. Mishaal says:

    I did exactly like what u said. But when I reached the point whether to upgrade or delete old windows, I couldn’t chose anyone of them. It was written that there was some problem and i have to check the log .. I figured out that it might be from the low memory in c driver, so I have formatted the c driver. when I want to continue installing windows8 i couldn’t (same as before)

    And now every time I try to boot from my usb it gives me this massage:

    Windows Recovery Environment

    your PC need to be repaired

    The boot configuration data file doesn’t contain valid information for an operation system

    File: BootBCD

    Error code: 0xc0000098

    you’ll need to use the recovery tools on your instillation media. If you don’t have any installation media (like a disk or usb device), contact your system administration or PC manufacturer.


    I want to install windows 8 on my iconia tap w500
    can you help me please ^_^

  53. RT @shijaz: How to install Windows 8 on Acer Iconia tab W500

  54. Adri Rizal Nazari says:

    Salam shiraz, first of all, thank you for the guide. help me a lot. im having problem installing the 3g application from acer. I can install the driver but not the application. It give me not supported os error. i tried looking for the application on google but cant find any. the vodafone doesnt support my settings, any tips or suggestion?


  55. pepe says:

    Hi guys can someone post somewhere their copy of W500 Win 7 Pro Recovery disks. I just recently moved and seem to have misplaced or lost the disks! grrrr.

  56. Sohaib says:

    To go into the BIOS when Windows 8 is installed, press the power button and the Volume Up button simultaneously 🙂

  57. erick says:

    I have a fish in ny screen when i boot the iconia can you help me

  58. Jim Rendant says:

    I have not been able to get the screen rotation to work. I have removed the G sensor and re-installed still nothing. I have removed the screen lock app and re-installed it. The screen rotation lock on the tablet is off.

    What else can I try. I really want to see this work since I want to prove the technol;ogy. This is key and the only thing that is holding me back.

    Thanks in advance……


    • Arthur says:

      Hi Jim
      I am in the same situation as you.

      If you resolve this difficulty will you post your solution here.

      If I resolve the screen rotation problem I will post my solution.


  59. Alan Costilo says:

    Hello. I tried to install from win7 using the 64 bit version. I was told I needed 16gigs free. I have only 32 gig version W500.
    Can I install the 32 ISO on a USB drive and do it with less than 16gig free space?
    I am willing to remove all software if necessary. Thank you, Alan

  60. aceruser says:

    I found touch panel firmware update – TAB&Step3=W500&OS=722&LC=en&BC=Acer&SC=PA_6

    Now Windows 8 menus and gestures works perfectly!

  61. Tapcast Ltd says:

    We're currently updating our tablet to Windows 8… Here's how

  62. Kai Rohmer says:

    We’ve bought an acer iconia tab w500, yesterday. I installed win8 RC 32bit and still have problems with the gyroscope .. with drives and device control the screen flipping works fine but the sdk samples don’t recognize the sensor ( i think here its also references by the labyrinth problem) are there are new insights?


  63. Tony Ayling says:

    I have tried to install the 32bit iso but get the 16gb disk space problem. Do I need to format the W500 before i install the windows 8 form USB?
    Thanks in anticipation
    Tony Ayling

  64. mike says:

    i followed this guide, when I tried to upgrade to the windows 8 mediacentre enabled release candidate windows boots saying it is attempting repairs, this problem also happens when I turn off my acer using the enterprise trial. this has happned about 5 times, I am sure it is not my install, what else could it be?

    I got every device on it working, when I added the drivers to a WDS image and installed that way( I copied windows/system32 driver and driver store, and added all driver in that folder to my windows server 2012 RC. )bluetooth, gsensor, sound, ect…(don’t have 3g, has anyone successfully managed to upgrade?)_ did have one problem with touch screen not working, I pluged in a usb mouse, and restarted and got the above problem.

  65. Akil Tahsin says:

    hi. I bought a DVD of Windows 8 and installed it in my Acer Iconia tab W501. installation was a succes but the problem was when I tried to configure. when I tried to change the lock screen image or so, it said, “you have to activate windows to use settup”… but, I couldn’t activate the windows anyhow. What could be the problem?
    the system didn’t have any option to enter a seriel key or such.

  66. Garfield says:

    At least my W501 can’t be completely shut down even when I chose shut down from the power menu. For some reason it just hybernates or so. After the screen gets black the Windows logo blinks orange a couple of times just like when I turn W501 into sleep in Windows 7, and when I’m trying to power it on again I have absolutely no option to enter BIOS setup or the Boot Menu.

    Any ideas?

  67. Utku Boduroglu says:

    Great but when i try to boot win8 turkish 32bit, it says “Disk Error Press any key to restart.” Can you help me? and if you ask, no i dont have administration for my Acer tablet, they are using win7 enterprise and web server 2008 2

  68. please help..after installing BIOS i’ve donwloaded from acer sites

  69. my acer tab did not boot anymore

  70. please help..after installing BIOS i’ve downloaded from acer support my acer tabw500 did not boot these something wrong?please help me.

    thanks & advance

  71. Michael Utterback says:

    Ok just dl the real win 8. I have a Acer w500. It says install needs 4gb of free space. ok i have that. I pay for it, dl it it gets ready to install then comes up with ” you need to fix these issues……… such n such program needs to be uninstalled…… yada yada yada… knew that, knew that.
    NEED 16 GB FREE!!!!!!! WTH!?
    How am I supposed to have 16 gb free when windows 7 takes up 20gb u need 4 gb to dl win8 and my acer only has a 32gb card! So now it looks like iv just thrown $40 in the trash. awsome

  72. Ahmed says:

    Hello.. i have a acer iconia tab w501 on win8 … everythings to be running smooth except its randomly swtich off .. any help guys?


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  82. Hi,
    I’ve tried W8.1 and also W10 on W500, but the WIFI driver on the Acer’s site doesn’t work… You have found something?

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