Microsoft VDI Licenses for partners

by Shijaz Abdulla on 08.06.2011 at 06:14

A partner approached me recently requesting Virtual Desktop Access (VDA) licenses for internal use.

Here’s the official statement on the matter:

Windows Virtual Desktop Access (VDA) is licensed only to those partners who have either the Gold Desktop or Gold Virtualization competency; these partners receive 5 VDA licenses.  Windows VDA licenses are required for devices to access the VDI environment.  Windows VDA is a device-based subscription and licensed per device per year.  Beyond what is licensed for gold desktop or gold virtualization competency, partners would need to purchase VDA licenses unless the partner has Software Assurance outside of the program.  SA includes rights to Windows VDI desktops. 

There’s a good Windows licensing for VDI overview that may be a helpful resource.

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