Binary Tree exits Google Enterprise Partner program

by Shijaz Abdulla on 14.10.2010 at 09:11


Binary Tree, the world’s leading provider of cross-platform messaging migration and coexistence solutions, announced today that it is dropping its business partnership with Google. This means the suspension of all sales and marketing efforts for its CMT for Google Apps email migration product, and the exodus from the Google Enterprise Partner Program. Binary Tree will redirect resources to focus completely on transitioning customers to Microsoft’s on-premises and cloud based solutions for Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint.

Said Henry Bestritsky, Co-CEO of Binary Tree:

  • "It’s simply a matter of customer demand. The tremendous uptake we are seeing in the market for migrating to the Microsoft messaging and collaboration platform cannot be ignored. And that includes moving to the cloud-based versions of these solutions like Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS). The customers we’ve talked to about moving to the cloud, regardless of their size, have told us that they don’t want to move to an e-mail system that offers less functionality and decreases their end user’s overall experience. They are used to a full-featured user experience for e-mail, calendaring and collaboration, and won’t compromise their user’s productivity to save a few bucks. Our goal is to focus our people, processes and technology on helping our clients and partners to transition to the optimal environment for their business value, and hands-down we feel that is the Microsoft platform.”

Stefan af Bjur, General Manager, Binary Tree Europe

  • "the companies we have spoken to in Europe have specific requirements for privacy and security that haven’t been met by Google’s hosted solutions. This is especially true of the multi-nationals with offices in Europe who have told me that they need these issues to be addressed and would also like to see a realistic roadmap from Google before even considering their cloud. To date, Microsoft continues to be the preferred choice for cloud services from these types of companies, as shown by the recent decision of a global provider in transport and energy infrastructure based in France."

Companies like Coca-Cola Enterprises, Gerber, Ingersoll Rand, JPMorgan Chase, and many more have chosen Binary Tree’s suite of products to help them make the move to Microsoft.


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