Internet Explorer 9: Beauty of the Web

by Shijaz Abdulla on 16.09.2010 at 12:11

Internet Explorer 9 Beta is now available for download.


  • Hardware Acceleration unlocks the full power of your PC
    Today’s websites and browsers only use about 10% of the processing power your PC has to offer. Internet Explorer 9 unlocks the other 90%. With Internet Explorer 9, we’re tapping into your graphics processor through Windows to harness the full potential of your PC. It makes HD video smoother, colors truer, graphics clearer, and websites more responsive. Combined with our new JavaScript engine, the web now performs like an application installed directly on your computer.
  • Lesser Clicks

    We’ve also added a several ways to reduce the number of clicks it takes to get where you’re going. You can pin your favorite sites to your task bar for single-click access. Pinning, Jumplists and Aero Snap.

  • Your sites shine
    Designed to get you to the web faster and get out of the way once you’re there, Internet Explorer 9 lets web content come forward and shine.
    • One single drop down menu
    • ‚ÄúTear off" tabs let you view websites side by side
    • Address bar and search box combined to One box
    • Notifications appear in the bottom of the browser window instead of popping up
    • When you open a new tab, IE9 suggests commonly visited websites to open
  • HTML5 support

    Through active participation in standards development in CSS3 and SVG working groups, co-chairing the HTML5 Working Group, and leading the HTML5 Testing Task force, we are actively helping set the standards for the modern web. Through our investments in standards and interoperability, we hope to help bring predictability to web programming. Because when you can spend less time rewriting your sites to work across browsers, you can spend more time creating amazing experiences.

    Internet Explorer 9 introduces support for modern web standards, including CSS3, HTML5, SVG, ICC Color Profiles, DOM L2 and L3, and ECMAScript5.

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