Bing is our biggest threat, says Google chief

by Shijaz Abdulla on 26.09.2010 at 10:21

Eric Schmidt, Google CEO 

“Absolutely, our competitor is Bing. Bing is a well-run, highly competitive search engine.”

 I read with interest an article about Google chief executive Eric Schmidt stating on Friday that Microsoft’s Bing search engine was the company’s main threat, not Facebook or Apple.

He described Apple as a “well-respected competitor” and Facebook as a “company of consequence doing an excellent job in social networking,” but said that Microsoft’s latest-generation search engine was Google’s main competition.

“We consider neither to be a competitive threat,” Schmidt said, referring to Facebook and Apple. “Absolutely, our competitor is Bing. Bing is a well-run, highly competitive search engine.”

Microsoft had 13.9 percent share of US search volume in August, up 0.25 percent from July, while Yahoo! had a 13.1 percent share of US Internet searches, down from 14.6 percent in July, Nielsen said.

Google continued to dominate the lucrative search and advertising market with a 65.1 percent of all Internet searches in August, Nielsen said.

Year-over-year, Microsoft sites have increased their search share from 10.7 percent in August 2009 to 13.9 percent in August 2010 while Yahoo! has fallen from 16.0 percent a year ago to its current 13.1 percent, Nielsen said.

Google held steady at 65 percent.

Yahoo! and Microsoft signed a Web search and advertising partnership a year ago under which, Yahoo! will use Microsoft’s search engine on its own sites while providing the exclusive global sales force for premium advertisers.

Microsoft last month began handling all Yahoo! online searches in US & Canada and will eventually power Internet searches at Yahoo! websites worldwide.

Bing rocks!

Shijaz Abdulla is a blogger and a technology enthusiast. Microsoft employee based in the Gulf.

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