Google copies Microsoft’s Bing

by Shijaz Abdulla on 04.06.2010 at 10:32

Interesting observation by Mary Jo Foley of the ZDNet “All about Microsoft” blog.

I quote:

On June 3, however, Google did something that really surprised me. The company that’s made its reputation on home-page minimalism announced it was going to start allowing users to change the background by adding their own customized photos from their PCs and/or Picasa. Google will begin phasing in the new customization option in the U.S. first, and extend it internationally in the coming days, officials said.

Bing, which turned one-year-old today, has been offering users different Microsoft-selected photo backgrounds each day. The Bing background photo also includes a number of hotlinks inside the photo, allowing users to obtain more information via Bing on the subject of each day’s photo selection.

Can you see the headlines if MIcrosoft had decided to modify the Bing home page and make it more like Google’s (and like the original WIndows Live Search)? “Microsoft copies Google!” “Get out your photocopiers (again) Redmond!” The reaction to Google’s announcement has been quite subdued in comparison….

I too wonder why this never made the headlines. If it were Microsoft using anything remotely similar to Google on the Bing website, it would have made high waves on the blogosphere.

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