Microsoft Surface at Emirates Lounge, Dubai

by Shijaz Abdulla on 02.02.2010 at 22:35

During my recent trip to Dubai, I came across Microsoft Surface units in the Emirates Lounge at Dubai Airport Terminal 3.

100128_194647 100128_194708

The Microsoft Surface units had a variety of applications, games and media on it for passenger entertainment. I found an intuitive application that lets one customize and send a postcard via email. Here’s a video of that application that I took on my cellphone camera.


I was holding the cellphone with one hand, so I couldn’t demonstrate true ‘multi-touch’ 🙂

The Emirates lounge also had many xbox units with some exciting games, including Forza Motorsport. The whole lounge is pretty hi-tech, except for the internet kiosks, which still ran Windows XP with Internet Explorer 6 in a lockdown mode, that allows only one browser instance to be opened with no tabs!

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