“Failed to enumerate domains” error while configuring File Access in UAG

by Shijaz Abdulla on 12.02.2010 at 23:55

If you’re trying to enable File Access in Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway 2010, you might encounter the following error when you try to configure “File Access” from “Admin” menu.


Failed to enumerate domains
Please Check your permissions

Before we troubleshoot this problem, it’s important to understand how the File Access feature in UAG works. The File Access feature is dependent on the Computer Browser service. The Computer Browser service, as we all know, is used when we try to browse the network using “Network Neighborhood”, “My Network Places” or “Network”.

If the file servers are members of a domain, UAG computer has to be a member on that domain, or on a domain that has trust relationship with that domain.

To fix this error,

  1. Make sure that Network Discovery is enabled on the Internal network connection.
  2. Open Start > Admin Tools > Services.
  3. Make sure the Computer Browser service is not disabled.
  4. Make sure the Computer Browser service is set to Automatic and started.
  5. Open “Network” on the UAG computer, and see if you can browse other computers on the internal network. If not, troubleshoot accordingly. Once you are able to browse the other computers, then UAG File Access will also work.

If you’re still facing problems,

  • take a look at the steps needed in mixed-mode domain environments.
  • if there is a firewall between UAG and the file servers, look at this article


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10 Responses to “Failed to enumerate domains” error while configuring File Access in UAG

  1. Blog post: “Failed to enumerate domains” error while configuring File Access in UAG – http://tinyurl.com/yb84pgo

  2. Adrian O'Connor says:

    Just to add;

    If you come across the issue, where you are trying to switch on Network Discovery but it will not accept the change in “Advanced Sharing Settings”DomainNetwork Discovery

    Make sure you have the following services enabled and running
    •Function Discovery Resource Publication
    •SSDP Discovery
    •UPnP Device Host

  3. stephen says:

    i found that the computer browser will automatically change to stop state after starting it. any idea?

  4. Barren says:

    I’m just facing this issue and wondered whether the computer browser service was specifically required for UAG’s FileAccess Admin? I ask as an identical machine, minus UAG, can browse Network just fine with the Computer Browser service disabled (and not started) in addition to all those others mentioned by Adrian O’Connor ..
    What the other machine does have is the exceptions in its firewall for Network Discovery, SSDP, UPnP etc even though those services are all disabled .. i’m confused ..

  5. Martin says:

    I’ve been reading alot of blog posts trying to figure this out. Of course you need to have the 3 services running, but for me that didn’t do it alone.

    For UAG file access to work you need to be able to browse internal servers, using UNC paths is not enough.

    It wasn’t until I decided to go to my primary domain controller and enable the Computer Browser service (disabled by default). After enabling this service I went back to my UAG server and tried to browse the network and BAM! All the servers was listed there and when trying to configure file access in UAG application the error was gone and I could finally select my domain, servers and shares.

  6. HOW TO solve “Failed to enumerate domains” error while configuring File Access in UAG http://bit.ly/gWHDQm

  7. Exaray says:

    The “Computer Browser” must also be running on the Domain Controller for the enumeration to work.

  8. Slobodan says:

    That worked for me, all three services were stoped and disabled, after i`ve enabled then and started, and now i can continue to configure File Access.

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