SMS text message integration with Exchange Server 2010

by Shijaz Abdulla on 06.01.2010 at 07:13

As soon as I got my hands on Windows Mobile 6.5, I decided to test the text message (SMS) integration feature in Exchange Server 2010 Unified Messaging. This feature basically allow SMS text messages on your phone to be synchronized back to the Exchange Server where they can be easily searched and archived.

Windows Phone home screen Windows Phone locked screen Windows Phone menu

You can set up your Windows Phone to synchronize text messages in the Activesync options:


The feature also allows you to compose and send SMS text messages from Outlook or Outlook Web App. Let’s take a closer look:

  • When I receive a text message, it (obviously) reaches my phone,
  • It also gets synchronized with Exchange Server 2010 through Activesync and I can see the message in Outlook
  • Notice that I can reply to the text message right here from Outlook or I can compose a new one. And I can add emoticons too.



  • The sent items are synchronized both in Outlook and on the Windows Phone


  • The same functionality is available in Outlook Web App too:

You now have your voicemail, email, fax, SMS text messages, missed call alerts, missed conversations, all in one convenient location – your Outlook inbox. This is the power of Unified Messaging. 🙂

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17 Responses to SMS text message integration with Exchange Server 2010

  1. cool, u can send SMS from Exchange 2010 .. RT @shijaz SMS text message integration with Exchange Server 2010

  2. RT @pooyad: cool, u can send SMS from Exchange 2010 .. RT @shijaz SMS text message integration with Exchange Server 2010

  3. Incoming emails not showing says:

    Hello! When i receive an SMS, I hear the new mail notification sound. But I cant see the SMS in outlook 2010 or Outlook web app ?
    any ideas ? Running Exc2010 RTM.

    • Shijaz says:

      Hi Mike,

      The SMS synchronization depends on Activesync running on the Windows Mobile device. Probably your device is configured to send/receive at the next ‘send’. Change the setting to ‘always’.
      Yes, it is supposed to sync sms that is sent from the phones to Outlook.


  4. Shijaz says:

    Not sure what that could be. Since you hear the notification, the message arrives. There might be something that’s preventing the message from being displayed – perhaps an Outlook filter?

  5. Mike says:

    We have implemented EX2010 and when we send a text from Outlook, we see the sms in our phones sent items, but it is not sent until we next physically send an sms form the phone! Also, it is not synching sms that is sent from the phones to outlook, is it meant to?

    • Gunnar Vestre says:

      The problem are most likely with the htc messaging app. If you run the Zenyee Disable HTC Messaging 1.2 you might make it work. This would hopefully be solved in some time by htc

  6. Alex says:


    In order just to send SMS From Outlook you say that there is an ActiveSync synchronisation between mobile device and server.

    Is a unified messaging server necessary in the Exchange 2010 to do that?(only send sms from OWA/Outlook 2010).

  7. SJW says:

    I upgraded to Exchange 2010, and am also running Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional on my phone (a T-Mobile HD2). However, when I go to ActiveSync to turn on Text Message sync, the checkbox is not even there. The only options to sync are Contacts, Calendar, E-mail, and Tasks.

    Any suggestions on how to get Text Messages to appear an an option to sync?


  8. richapallote says:


    I don’t have that much knowledge about Microsoft outlook SMS integration after I read your blog I got some ideas about it. but ,I have one doubt about it when I received the SMS, I can’t able to see the new email notifiaction.

  9. Mark says:

    Has anyone been able to get this option to function with a windows 7 phone? If so – how did you make it happen?

  10. aymanayman says:

    Guys! Can you tell me please if i can synchronise text messages from my windows mobile to the Exchange Server and people who also have an access to this server can send text messages thru their outlook accounts from my phone? Is it possible?

    Thank you so much

  11. James says:

    I some emails that are send to my inbox to be converted to sms and send direct to my phone as text messages. Any ideas???

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  13. WilsonLast says:


    You may also check how to send SMS from MS Exchange 2010 with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway:


  14. Philip says:

    Hi Shijaz, it’s great being able to send SMS from Outlook 2010, but it’s annoying receiving SMS in my inbox. Is it possible to suppress SMS coming into the inbox? A useful workaround would be to set a rule to move the SMS into a subfolder but so far I’ve failed to create a rule that will successfully move SMS out of the inbox on receipt. Help!

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