Adding a Bing box to your blog/website

by Shijaz Abdulla on 21.11.2009 at 00:35

bingYou can add a Bing custom search box on your website over at

I replaced the default Google-powered search box on my blog with a Bing custom search box today. For a good reason.

My regular readers may have noticed that I changed the URL to my blog about two months ago. I had set a “301 Permanent Redirect” on the previous domain ( which means the old URL will automatically forward hits to the new one on the domain.

Today, two months later, Google still hasn’t finished crawling my blog on its new domain! Here’s a simple test: Search for “ribbon interface” on Google with the “” parameter and you get no direct link to the original post on this blog. Search the same term on Google with the old domain in the parameter (i.e. “”) and you get positive results.

Repeating the same test with Bing,  “ribbon interface” on Bing – with “” gives positive results with the new domain. I guess Bing crawled my site faster than Google :).

I want to give reliable and up-to-date search results on my blog for my visitors, and hence I chose Bing.

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