Why there is no ‘Office 13’

by Shijaz Abdulla on 11.11.2008 at 06:10

Elevator with no 13th floor - Wikimedia The current version of Microsoft Office is Office 2007, also known as ‘Office 12’, based on the version number. That would make it more likely that the next version of Office should be code-named Office 13.

But it is not so. The next version of Office has been code-named ‘Office 14’ instead. Microsoft has skipped version 13, simply because 13 is an ‘unlucky number’!

"…but that’s is an unlucky number so we’re going to skip Office 13 and call the next one Office 14" says Jensen Harris, Group Program Manager for Microsoft’s Office User Experience Team and the man behind the "ribbon" interface of Office 2007, which has attracted mixed feelings from users.

Maybe it’s Triskaidekaphobia! Smile

Some may argue that the world’s largest software company shouldn’t be worried about seemingly ridiculous superstitions. However, if one looks at the bigger picture, there may be customers who believe in these things, and may show reluctance at the very mention of upgrading to something that’s called Office 13!

Some of the new features that users can expect in Office 14 (based on publicly available information):

  • Office in the cloud: The next version of Microsoft Office will include applications (Word, Excel, etc) that can be worked off a web browser/over the Internet, instead of having the need to install thick apps on PC’s. (Software plus services initiative)
  • Ribbon interface may be extended to all Office applications. (Currently Outlook main interface, Publisher 2007, etc do not make use of the ribbon interface)
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