Mixed feelings: Gitex 2008

by Shijaz Abdulla on 21.10.2008 at 09:17

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Been to Gitex yesterday.

Nothing worth writing home about. It was just another ordinary exhibition – lots of small and medium IT companies running very generic PowerPoints at their stalls. A few big players showing off some of their stuff – to me it was all kind of deja vu.

The Chinese pavilion looked… um… red… and colorful with all the blinking LEDs, gadgets, motherboards and stuff. In consumer electronics, Sanyo had this camcorder that you can dip into water, and Sony had the largest High definition plasma. This was impressive.

But I still don’t understand how products can be promoted by model girls wearing heavy makeup and skimpy clothes simply dancing around to music on an open stage waving notebooks, camcorders and gadgets. I don’t know – but the last time I checked – people buy notebooks and cameras by evaluating the specification!

Many visitors poured in to browse everything in general. Some others strolling around looking for stalls with specific interests. Some others were there just to collect the goodie bags loaded with cheap freebies.

For the two hours I spent driving from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, the further one hour I spent looking for a parking spot (only to find one in the rear end of Parking C – which is the farthest), and for the kilometer I walked in the sun to reach the exhibition hall, and later on – for the two hours I spent in the Dubai traffic jam to get back on the highway, and for the 2 hours back to Abu Dhabi….

… I really don’t think it was worth it.

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