Why Facebook is not blocked by Etisalat

by Shijaz Abdulla on 28.08.2008 at 07:19


In an earlier post, I mentioned how social networking sites (like Orkut) are blocked in the UAE by the ISP Etisalat.

Ever wondered why they don’t block Facebook? …probably because Etisalat advertises on Facebook!!

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4 Responses to Why Facebook is not blocked by Etisalat

  1. EhabT says:

    Man that is some weird mentality.
    why the heck should social networking websites be blocked ?
    can you provide 1 reason ?

  2. Shijaz says:

    My argument is.. why some are blocked while some others aren’t?

  3. EhabT says:

    i got your point, i am just starting another argument.
    Why should they be blocked ?
    if for the same reasons the Syrian Government provided … then msn messenger, yahoo messenger, skype .. and many others cause a bigger threat.
    the whole idea of internet is a bigger threat.

    the threat of dealing with foreign countries 😛

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