Co-locating backup data on a single tape in DPM 2007

by Shijaz Abdulla on 12.08.2008 at 07:38

If you need to optimally use your backup tapes by storing multiple backups on the same tape, you need to turn on the Media Co-location feature in Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2007. By default, DPM 2007 uses a single tape for each backup operation and does not use that tape again till it is expired, marked as free or erased.

In order to enable Media Co-location, you need to install the DPM 2007 Feature pack and then issue the following command in the DPM Shell:

Set-DPMGlobalProperty -DpmServer <DPM Server Name> -OptimizeTapeUsage $true

Please note that this command will not work unless you have the DPM 2007 Feature Pack installed. To verify that co-location was indeed enabled, check the Management > Libraries tab.


An important point to note is that, even with co-location enabled, DPM will not store two different backups from the same protection group into a single tape. The co-location feature only allows co-locating data from multiple protection groups with the same retention ranges in a tape till it is full.

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