ISA 2006 SP1 releasing tomorrow

by Shijaz Abdulla on 01.07.2008 at 19:08

ISA Server 2006 Service Pack 1 will be released tomorrow (Wed, July 2, 2008)on the Microsoft Download Center. From July 22, the service pack will be available through the Microsoft Update channel.

This is a massive service pack with over 200 bug fixes and tons of new, visible features.

One of the most notable features is the change tracking feature, which is a much-awaited and highly requested feature from customers. ISA 2006 now keeps track of all changes done to the configuration and helps you track your actions all the way back. The ISA admin’s life just got better.

Here’s a preview of all the new features included in the service pack:

  • Configuration Change Tracking – explained above.
  • The "Test" button for Web publishing
  • Traffic Simulator – Simulates network traffic on the ISA rules engine and helps you visualize how your rules will be processed for the simulated traffic
  • Query on Diagnostic logging – For those who remember the ISA 2006 supportability pack – there was a diagnostic logging feature included. Now, SP1 adds a query feature on the diagnostic logging tool that helps you see only the log data relevant to the problem you are troubleshooting.
  • PLUS tons of improvements to existing features like support for certificates with multiple SAN (Subject Alternative Names), Multicast support for integrated NLB, etc.

I think this is really an exciting update as it contains much of the enhancements requested by customers. Microsoft is listening!


Update: Here is the download link.

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