DPM 2007 error 31008 when creating Protection Group

by Shijaz Abdulla on 01.07.2008 at 16:58

I was trying to create a protection group in System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 to protect SharePoint Server 2007.

I followed the protected computer prerequisites documentation and made sure the following were done:

  1. Installed KB940349 on the SharePoint front end server.
  2. Installed KB941422 – Update for WSUS 3.0. After installing this KB, I had to run the SharePoint Configuration Wizard.
  3. Start the VSS Writer service on the WSS server as per this article.
  4. Make sure the back end SQL Servers are running SQL Server 2005 with Service Pack 2.

I followed all these steps as per the prerequisites document. However, I still got the following error:


This item cannot be protected because some prerequisite software is missing. Ensure that all prerequisite software is installed and then protect this item (ID: 31008). Click Help to view the list of prerequisite software for the selected item.

The problem was solved when KB940349 was installed on the backend SQL Server as well. All servers were restarted after installing this update. Then I went to the Management tab on the DPM 2007 console and selected Refresh Information from the Actions pane.

On returning to the Create Protection Group wizard, the error was gone.

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