Google + Etisalat = Deadly combination?

by Shijaz Abdulla on 19.05.2008 at 21:37

It must be something to do with the Google-Etisalat combination.

A few weeks ago I reported the Youtube security issue with Etisalat. Here are some other issues that really annoy me.


I randomly get kicked out of for no reason. They say that I’m doing “virus-like activity”. This happens randomly no matter what machine one uses, as long as he is in the UAE. Sometimes you can just get away by entering a few letters to prove that you’re actually human (CAPTCHA). Or you could use

But at some other times, you get locked out. Right now, I’m locked out of my own blog, hosted on Google’s Blogger platform!


Google is sorry. (again)

Has it ever occurred to google, that this false-positive ‘virus-like activity’ may be the reason why they detected fraudulent clicks on my Adsense ads?


How many of you in the UAE, have seen this happening to Gmail for the past few weeks?


Forget it – dont even bother to fix your browser cache – its Etisalat’s web cache – again! Following the instructions to clean your browser cache will not help.

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