Potential changes in Baghdad Time Zone (GMT +3:00)

by Shijaz Abdulla on 14.04.2008 at 11:47

There is news that the Baghdad time zone (GMT +3:00 hrs) might have a significant change in the observance of Daylight Savings Time (DST). Microsoft has received unofficial reports that the Ministry of Defence in Iraq has decided that the country will no longer observe Daylight Savings.

If you are an IT administrator and you use the Baghdad (GMT +3:00) timezone on your servers, then this will affect you. However, if you are in Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia or Qatar, you are still 3 hours ahead of GMT but you are typically not in the Baghdad time zone. Note that there are multiple timezones for GMT +3:00 listed in Windows:

The Baghdad timezone has DST enabled, but the Kuwait, Riyadh time zone does not have DST.

If your business is following the Baghdad time zone and the Iraqi government decides to go ahead with this change (which is most likely), you will need to consider this as a potential change on your systems to prevent switching to Daylight savings time. More information is available on the Microsoft DST & Time Zones blog.
See the Microsoft website for the availability of hotfixes.
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