Open Source PowerShell

by Shijaz Abdulla on 11.04.2008 at 15:36

PowerShell goes beyond Windows.

PASH is the open source re-implementation of PowerShell for non-Windows operating systems like Solaris, Linux, Mac, etc and even Windows Mobile.

According to the site:

The main goal is to provide a rich shell environment for other operating systems as well as to provide a hostable scripting engine for rich applications. The user experience should be seamless for people who are used to Windows version of PowerShell. The scrips, cmdlets and providers should runs AS-IS (if they are not using Windows-specific functionality). The rich applications that host PowerShell should run on any other operating system AS-IS. Secondary goal: the scripts should run across the machines and different OS’s seamlessly.

Check out PASH at Sourceforge.

Pash running on Linux:

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