My blog gets blocked in the UAE

by Shijaz Abdulla on 19.04.2008 at 21:20

My blog is now mysteriously not accessible in the UAE. My readers in other countries of the world can still access the content. Visitors from the UAE get a Proxy timeout error.

Update: Adnan’s blog is also blocked inside UAE. Both of us had reported about the vulnerability in YouTube in our previous post. Hmm. Co-relation?

Any comments?

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One Response to My blog gets blocked in the UAE

  1. Adnan Rafik says:

    O man this is me Adnan. I can access your blog from Dubai but have no idea when it will stopped. It is not a traditional block from Etislat. Seems something related to DNS. I wonder why would they do it.. I wonder who told them about our blog? Google or Youtube or
    Etisalat have been watching us?

    I presume they must be watching us now and I wonder they may stop our internet connection too 🙂

    What did we do wrong? did we really anything?

    I’m sure they there something technically wrong specially for our blogs and yes the TECHIES USER GROUP website.

    I don’t what to say ….?

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