Error opening Address Book in Outlook Web Access

by Shijaz Abdulla on 08.04.2008 at 12:30

While trying to open Outlook Web Access hosted on an Exchange Server 2007 Client Access Server, I get an error stating that Outlook Web Access could not connect to Active Directory, followed by a detailed stack trace:

Request Url: https://owaURL/owa/forms/premium/DirectoryView.aspx?ae=AddressList&t=Recipients&a=
User host address:
User: someone
SMTP Address:
OWA version: 8.0.685.24
Mailbox server:

My initial search fetched a Microsoft KB article 919166, which deals with exactly the same problem. However, unlike the conditions mentioned in the article, the locale on my domain controller and Exchange servers are the same and my domain controller has Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 which supersedes the mentioned hotfix.

So I called Microsoft, and it turned out to be related more to KB886683 while OWA is querying the Global Catalog. To fix the problem:

2. Navigate to CN=Configuration, CN=Services, CN=Windows NT, CN=Directory Service
3. Right click on CN=Directory Service and choose Properties.
4. Edit the multi-valued attribute msDS-Other-Settings
5. If you see a string value DisableVLVSupport=1, remove it and change it to DisableVLVSupport=0 and add it back. Click OK all the way out.

Replicate the changes across all your domain controllers. You should now be able to open your address book.

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