Certifications and Prepkits

by Shijaz Abdulla on 29.04.2008 at 17:39

There are essentially two ways to get an IT certification. Well, actually three.

The white way, the black way and the ‘grey’ way – as I see it.

The white way is when you’ve learnt a piece of technology so well, and been working on it for some time and you really feel that you are proficient in it and are ready to take up the challenge – appearing for the test and getting certified. The white way involves learning from classrooms, learning kits, and experience.

The grey way is when you’ve learnt the technology through some of the above methods, and maybe even worked with it, but are not yet confident of taking the test but you need to take test (for a job, pay rise, peer pressure, whatever). Then you think of ways of doing it somewhat risk-free and quick – and almost always end up studying braindumps.

The dark way is totally illegal, getting some one else to appear for the test! I’ve heard that there are so-called ‘agents’ who do this kind of illegal activities. Its individuals who get certified in this manner that spoil the market and deface the value of certified and skilled professionals. Stay away from the dark ways! By doing such things, you’re making a fool out of none but yourself!

My friend Arun used to say “They say that you’ve become a wise man when you no longer see the world in black and white, but in shades of grey.

There is one thing common between the white and grey methods. Even skilled, experienced professionals like to get some confidence boost before appearing for the big test. That’s where PrepKits come in. I think it all depends on how an individual uses a PrepKit. If you (mis)use it to cram answers into your head (a.k.a memorization) so that you can just spare your brain the effort of thinking while you click away on the answers in the test, then you’re more on the darker side. Certification will do you no good, just a piece of cardboard with your name on it.

Whereas, if you’re using the PrepKit as a last minute tool to validate what you know and to get that extra confidence boost, then this is totally different. I believe that if you can pass the Prepkit test on your first attempt, then you’re cut out for the certification. All it takes is to correct your mistakes by reading the explanations provided with the answers so that you understand your misconceptions about a particular feature of the product and learn from the few mistakes.

Speaking of prepkits, uCertify PrepKits are a great validation tool to ensure confidence in online tests. Perhaps the greatest differentiating factor between uCertify Prepkits and the others in the market lies in the detailed explanations given for each answer – it precisely tells you why an answer is correct and why the other options aren’t. Hence, the PrepKit becomes more a tutor rather than a ‘cram’ tool that helps you memorize answers for the test.

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