Internet Explorer 8 – Beta 1

by Shijaz Abdulla on 12.03.2008 at 18:39

I downloaded Internet Explorer 8 beta 1 yesterday. Here’s how it looks.

It looks more like IE 7.0 but it has got a few new features.

1. Activities

You can set up your activities – the online services that you use frequently for blogging, reference, etc and these will be made available on the toolbar as well as a right click.
2. Domain name highlighting:

Highlights the domain name in your URL. Helps users from being victimized by phishing sites.

3. WebSlices

These are slices of your favorite websites. Compatible websites/partners can give you a “webslice” that you can add on IE 8 and get content in a ‘slice’ at the click of a button. An example:

4. IE 7 emulation

IE 8 Beta allows you to emulate IE 7 in case you are having problems viewing certain websites. Of course, this will require you to restart your browser each time you choose to emulate. Here’s how it looks when you emulate IE7.

You can download IE8 here.

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