How to bulk edit an Active Directory attribute

by Shijaz Abdulla on 29.01.2008 at 18:08

Everybody knows that if you want to manually edit the value for an attribute in Active Directory, you ought to be using ADSIEDIT.

But what if you just realized that you have to modify a particular attribute for a large number of Active Directory users, if not all users? Would this mean opening up each user object in ADSIEDIT and modifying the required attribute?

Thankfully, there is the ADModify tool from Microsoft PSS that lets you bulk-edit Active directory. You simply set the filter on what users should be affected, and then specify the attribute that needs to be changed and the value to which it should be changed. You can even make the values to by typing the word null as the value.

A word of caution here – Bulk edits can be really, really painful if you do it wrong. You can seriously mess up your Active Directory if you’re not careful!

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