Internet Explorer 7: Re-release

by Shijaz Abdulla on 05.10.2007 at 12:49

Microsoft has re-released Internet Explorer 7.0 yesterday. The added features include:

  • The Menu bar will be turned on by default (thankfully)
  • Removed the Windows Genuine Advantage validation requirement for expanded availability to Windows PC users (legal copy of Windows… or otherwise)
  • For first time users, the first-run experience includes a new, easily accessible overview
  • For all users, the online Internet Explorer 7 tour has been updated to include how-to’s on great new features like tabbed browsing.
  • Microsoft has also included a new MSI installer for enterprises that simplifies deployment for customers. IT Administrators can tailor to their organization’s needs by using the Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) and deploy the package to relevant units within their organization using e.g. Group Policies or Systems Management Server (SMS).

Microsoft takes its commitment seriously in helping protect the entire Windows ecosystem. Security enhancements to Internet Explorer 7 include a built-in Phishing Filter that prevents an average of 900,000 visits per week to known phishing Web sites!

Additionally, Internet Explorer 7 is the first and only browser to natively support Extended Validation SSL Certificates to help prevent online fraud.

How can I get it?

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