Internet “Suffering”

by Shijaz Abdulla on 15.04.2007 at 09:30

So I am on my way, leaving the seas and skies of Kannur behind, awaiting a new life ahead of me in Doha. I take with me some great memories of my relatives, of my friends, and of course – of my sweet fiancée. Due to peak season, I got a flight to Doha from Calicut via this place called Colombo in Sri Lanka.

This itinerary is especially boring – there is going to be a four hour wait in the transit lounge at Colombo International Airport before I board the flight that would take me to Doha. I moved around the airport to see if I could catch something interesting, but in vain. I must say though, that the airport was more impressive than I had expected – in fact, it was very impressive.

However, I found that they don’t accept Indian rupees at any of the retail outlets in the lounge. The only bank in the lounge offered to convert any currency in the world to Sri Lankan rupees – except Indian rupees! Quite ridiculous it is, with the fact that India is its closest neighbor and many flights going in and out of the airport would touch India, so much that they neither want to deal nor buy Indian Rupees at Colombo airport!

Crushed by boredom, I decided to pull out my laptop and see if I could browse over WiFi. I was in the hope that I could pay electronically somehow. I scanned for available WiFi networks and found Sri Lankan Telecom’s Wifi Access Point. When I tried browsing this is the “Internet Suffering hours” screen that I got.

Click to enlarge

Boy, they really know how to entertain transit passengers!

Well, it really was a ‘suffering’ – I tried paying electronically and got a confirmation for the transaction – but still no Internet! Upon enquiry at the Sri Lankan Telecom outlet, I was informed by the young lady there that “the system is under construction, saar (sir)“.

Thank you very much.

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