Publishing Exchange 2007 on ISA 2006

by Shijaz Abdulla on 18.01.2007 at 14:20

Microsoft has just unveiled a new patch… (ahem, yeah)… ‘update’ for publishing Exchange Server 2007 on ISA Server 2006. Upon installation of this update on your ISA Server computer, you should be able to create publishing rules for Exchange Server 2007 on your ISA.

The update is available automatically by Microsoft Update and also for download.

Some points worth noting:

  • You can’t block attachments anymore on ISA. You need to do that from Exchange itself.
  • This hotfix updates the ISA MMC, so you might want to install it on your remote management clients as well.
  • This hotfix is for enabling Exchange 2007 publishing features on ISA 2006. They haven’t said anything about ISA 2004 🙁

This hotfix is definitely a must-have if you’re running/planning to run Exchange 2007 in your organization and use ISA 2006 to protect it.

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