More Nigerian email hoaxes

by Shijaz Abdulla on 28.01.2007 at 18:12

Most of us are already aware of email hoaxes involving Nigerian beneficiaries asking you to help them get their money and offering you a copious sum for the “assistance”. Well, here’s an all-new range of hoaxes. These target job seekers!

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Here’s the text of the email message (I’ve marked the ridiculous parts in red , my comments are in red italics: hope you enjoy it!)

DATE: 28/01/07
ATTN:ENGR……… , (What a beautiful way to address you!)

At UNION RECRUITMENT CONSULTANTS we specialise in engineering career moves
for professionals engaged in the E&P sector. Interestingly, most of
our clients are not actively looking for a new job, but are keen to
consider the right opportunity.
We listen carefully to what is important to you with regard to
career, family and lifestyle. We then use our connections and
investigative skills (yeah, right) to identify interesting opportunities that meet
your criteria. Some of the moves we engineer are ‘in-country’, but
the vast majority are international placements (world wide) with
some of the best companies in the industry.

union recruitment consultants; with the mandate to recruit expatriate
services employees’ for the fulfillment of the requirements of nlng “GAS FLARING PROJECT (what the hell is that???) in Nigeria, seek to write your consent after recommendation from our labour consultants ( recent expatriate vacancies with
our client.

CNL intends to invite prime experienced individuals/expatriates
capable of rendering expertise services in fields below:
a) Petroleum Engineering
b) Drilling Services
c) Civil Engineering
d) Computer Engineering
e) Architect Engineering
f) Marine Engeenering (hmmm…)
g)Mechanical Engineering
h)Electrical Engineering
i)Electronics-Telecommunication Engineering
j)Surveying Engineer
k)Aerospace Engineering (all this for a GAS FLARING project!!!)
And others (what was that supposed to mean?)

A cooperate project management team, engineering, procurement,
construction, transportation and installation, safety, drawing,
Designs, Geological services,maintenance and commissioning.
Entitlement, Compensation and Benefits packages include:
. A very attractive net salary paid in US$, Sterling or Euros
equivalent depending on employee
home country and currency preference.
. Quality single or family housing accommodation in company

. Free medical care in Nigeria for employee and family.
. Excellent educational assistance benefits with family status
. Paid airfares allowing full flexibility with holiday travel. (whats that?)
. Personal effects shipment and excess baggage allowances.
. Full access to some of the finest and social recreational
facilities in Nigeria.
Level 1: 12 Months, (One Year) and renewably only on satisfactory
performance by employee.

Level 2: Full time
Interested candidates must have not less than 3 years experience in
any of the above listed fields.
Interested candidates should forward their resumes/CV with
verifiable reference(s) as word attached document to: (Why
Interested candidates are also required to contact our Nigerian
Local Office strictly for the purpose of this project.

Head Of Union Recruitment Consultants (Why is the head of Union Recruitment Consultant contacting you directly?)
TEL: (+234) 80-64438276
FAX : (+234)82-30 856


This is the second hoax mail I’ve received in the past two weeks. The earlier one was supposedly from Shell UK. I thought I’d join in the fun and sent my CV across. Immediately after, I get my “employment agreement” with a whopping salary attached to it – with NO interview. The contract shows Shell UK website is at – there is no such web site!! Two days later somebody calls me on my phone – out of the blue – and tells me I need to sign the document and send them back. Then an “attorney” would contact me, to discuss “what I should do to get my work permit”. Oh yeah – and that’s where the money part comes.

So next time you receive anything in your email, be very sure whom you’re dealing with!


  • There is also a new scam going around from Omni Hotel, Canada. It’s fake. More info here.
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