How to disable the warning message in Windows Vista Remote Desktop Connection

by Shijaz Abdulla on 31.12.2007 at 10:18
When you connect to a machine running Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 from Windows Vista RDP, you may have noticed the following warning:

“Remote Desktop cannot verify the identity of the computer you want to connect to.”

This is good, but it’s rather annoying to be notified each time you want to connect to a server! To turn off the warning,
– Open the Remote Desktop Connection application and click Options.
– On the Advanced tab, select the option Always connect, even if authentication fails.

Ask Uncle Bill for money

by Shijaz Abdulla on 30.12.2007 at 12:55

What started out as a blog post regarding Bill Gates’ idea to enforce postage stamps on email to reduce spam has now become a bulletin board for desperate people requesting money from the millionaire.

See it for yourself – this is hilarious!

Thanks Arun, for catching this one!

How to make out a Windows 3.1 veteran

by Shijaz Abdulla on 24.12.2007 at 12:40

You can always tell a Windows 3.1 user by the way he closes a window, even in Windows Vista. A Windows 3.1 user almost always closes a window by double-clicking on the left of the window. That’s because, back in the times of Windows 3.1, there was no close button on the right of the window.

Take a look at the left of a window in Windows 3.1:

The box with the big dash is called the control box and clicking on it will yield a menu showing options to minimize, maximize and close. Double-clicking on the control box closes the window! And that’s where it all began.

A user can activate the menu by pressing Alt+Spacebar. Why? Because the big dash on the control box is actually a representation of the spacebar. The MDI child window also has a control box, but with a smaller dash. So, how do we activate this menu? Yup, you guessed right – Alt+Hyphen!

It is rather interesting to note that the ‘double-click-on-the-left-to-close’ functionality is still available in Windows Vista, and probably forever in every release of Windows. The Alt+Spacebar and the Alt+Hyphen features are still available too, even though the control boxes don’t bear the dashes anymore. As for me, yes, I do close windows from the left at times. Ahem.

An electronic visa for Bahrain

by Shijaz Abdulla on 16.12.2007 at 14:28

I’m off to Bahrain on Tuesday to spend the Islamic festival of Eid Al Adha with family & friends. Being an Indian resident of the UAE, I will need a visit visa to enter Bahrain.

I was delighted to know that a Bahrain visit visa’s can be applied for and received over the internet! The Bahrain government has taken a great step forward in simplifying the visa application process and making it available online.

You simply visit the Bahrain eVisa website, enter the required passport information, make sure that you meet the eligibility and submit your application. The fees for issuing the visa is paid online by credit card. Within 3 days, the authorities will verify your application and you can print your visa online. Bon voyage!

Eid Mubarak!

Opinion Poll: Your Voice on this Blog

by Shijaz Abdulla on 15.12.2007 at 16:09

I have added a poll on this blog!

The poll question will change every month and the results published. You can find the poll question of the month in the column on the right side, if you scroll further down.

And while you’re at it, maybe you would want to click a couple of interesting advertisements. Clicks on the ads pay to keep this blog alive 🙂

A handy tip for Vista dual monitor users

by Shijaz Abdulla on 14.12.2007 at 12:48

You like Windows Vista gadgets, but you feel that it clutters up your desktop, leaving lesser space for your desktop icons. You like to have the sidebar always on top, but at the same time you don’t want to reduce the screen area of your applications.

If you’re using dual monitors on Windows Vista, here’s a handy tip: You can use your secondary screen for the gadgets!

Why did I do this?

Well, this leaves more room on my primary (read: more important) monitor. My applications are free to roam the entire canvas and I always get the bigger picture. On my second monitor all the gadgets, the clock, the to-do notes, and everything is within easy view at anytime. If you’re an administrator, you can use the secondary monitor for Remote Desktop connections to servers. You can even use the Remote Desktop gadget to save time.

How did I do this?

  • Go to Control PanelAppearance and PersonalizationPersonalization. Open Display Settings.
  • Click on your second monitor and check the box “Extend the desktop onto this monitor“.

  • Go to Control PanelAppearance and Personalization. Open Windows Sidebar properties.
  • Under “Display Sidebar on monitor“, choose the second monitor.

Windows XP SP3 and Windows Vista SP1

by Shijaz Abdulla on 13.12.2007 at 07:28

Windows Vista is getting its first Service Pack while Windows XP is getting its last.

The release candidate of Windows XP Service Pack 3 is available for download. Service Pack 3 is more of a rollup of hotfixes and updates rather than a feature/experience enhancement. In short, it contains things that make Windows XP more secure, more reliable and faster. The user will not see noticeable change in the experience in general.

The Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Release Candidate is also available for download. There are large number of improvements for performance, security, reliability, interoperability, hardware compatibility, and deployment. There also some improvements for power consumption, desktop administration and is better geared for Windows Server 2008, the next version of Microsoft’s server OS.

Please note that Release Candidates are not the fully released versions and you will not receive support for it. Release candidates are for testing purposes. Please wait for the final release of the service pack before deploying to production systems.

Pirates, Counterfeits and Rogues…

by Shijaz Abdulla on 12.12.2007 at 08:20

I was just wandering aimlessly on the Microsoft website, when I stumbled on the “Counterfeit Galleries“!

This is where Microsoft puts pictures of counterfeit software that they’ve seized recently. It includes shots of fake software CD’s, packaging and Certificates of Authenticity (COA’s).

There is also a “Rogues Gallery“, where the post examples of rogues who sell counterfeit Microsoft software.

I remember the times when pirated copies could be easily identified, they were just ‘copies’ made on ordinary blank CD-Rs in the original CD-R packaging, with handwritten labels or simple black & white labels printed in the Times font.

Its interesting to note how software piracy has matured over the years. Some of the packaging and COA’s that pirates use is actually professional and genuine-looking!

A server for your home

by Shijaz Abdulla on 09.12.2007 at 07:03

Catchy title isn’t it?

Yes, a server for your home! Microsoft has come up with Windows Home Server, which is a server operating system for the home. If you have multiple PC’s at home, this is an excellent way of organizing and sharing digitial stuff like photos, audio and video.

Some of the cool features:

  • Your family’s digital memories and media organized in one central hub
  • Home PCs backed up daily, automatically
  • Simple recovery of lost files or even entire PCs
  • Complete access from networked PCs to all your Windows Home Server files
  • A personalized Web address for sharing your photos and home videos
  • Easy and quick setup
  • Expandable storage space for future use
  • Innovative third-party applications

The Microsoft-powered home thing is getting real. I remember Bill Gates’ vision – “A computer in every home“. What next? A server in every home?!

Now, If I were to make a wishlist of the things I need in my dream home, it would include

But of course, Wishlist is one thing, money is another 🙂

FWX_E_NO_BACKLOG_PACKET_DROPPED – What does that mean?

by Shijaz Abdulla on 29.11.2007 at 12:23

If you find that ISA Server 2004/2006 is denying connections, seemingly for no particular reason, and logs the following error:


…it simply means that ISA Server does not have enough resources to do the logging. Check the CPU and hardware utilization. Also see if your disks are fast enough.

A workaround would be to disable logging for “high-volume” rules like SMTP and DNS.

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